Ropecon XIX: from 27th to 29th of July 2012.

Ropecon, the largest annual non-commercial roleplaying convention in Europe, will be organised for the 19th time next summer. The convention will gather over 3500 visitors to conference center Dipoli in Espoo to play tabletop roleplaying games, larps, board games, collectible card games and miniature games for one summer weekend.

In addition to gaming, the convention includes lectures about games, workshops, medieval dance ball, boffer fighting championships and other activities among a myriad of choices, being the place to meet new people, share new ideas and get in touch with other gamers in Finland.

In 2012, Ropecon’s Guests of Honour will be Peter Adkison, the founder of Wizards of the Coast, the company behind Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon Trading Card Game, Robo Rally, Dungeons and Dragons, Vampire: The Eternal Struggle, D20 System, and many others. Adkison currently runs GenCon, one of the largest roleplaying conventions in the world, as well as Hidden City Entertainment, publisher of Clout: Fantasy, and Bella Sara, a collectible card game for young girls.

Adkison is also responsible for The Primal Order, a religion-based fantasy roleplaying game supplement, which was the first game with the "capsystem" concept, supporting gamemasters to integrate it into other role-playing games. Ropecon’s previous Guests of Honor have included Kenneth Hite, Greg Stafford, Jonathan Tweet, and John Kovalic among others.

Other Ropecon 2012 Guest of Honor is Larson Kasper from Germany.
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