Ropecon 2012 Theme Released

Ropecon, the largest annual non-commercial roleplaying convention in Europe, will be organised for the 19th time next summer. The convention will gather over 3500 visitors to conference center Dipoli in Espoo to play tabletop roleplaying games, larps, board games, collectible card games and miniature games for one summer weekend.

In addition to gaming, the convention includes lectures about games, workshops, medieval dance ball, boffer fighting championships and other activities among a myriad of choices, being the place to meet new people, share new ideas and get in touch with other gamers in Finland.


Fantasy and other alternative realities

Ropecon 2012 withdraws from this reality to emerge in fantasy worlds and other alternative worlds. In the spotlight are The Middle Earth, Krynn, Discworld and many other worlds designed by fiction authors and the game masters of Ropecon. We focus on fantasy worlds but there is room for realities from the other genres from sci-fi to WoD. This rich topic “Fantasy and other alternative realities” is shown for example in larps, talks, miniature games, workshops and RPGs.

Along with fantasy and other alternative realities we want to explore the boundaries of the roleplaying scene. Anime and MMORPGs are mixing the boundaries of the roleplaying fields. Freeform games prove the lines between larps and RPGs. In Finland theatres and other art projects are taking influence from larps and larps are played in galleries and museums. Is roleplaying art, entertainment, edutainment or all of them? Can and are you allowed earn money with it? Everyone’s own boundaries in roleplaying are also part of Ropecon theme. What and how can one agree to play, and who has a say in this? These topics are also tried to bring out in the program of Ropecon 2012.

Please note that most of the program in Ropecon will be in Finnish. Unfortunately everything presented here can not be participated in English.

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