Ropecon XX theme


The cake is yet to be brought out and the candles are unlit, for the real celebrations are yet to come. Next year, Ropecon will be held for the 20'th time, and that if anything has brought the Finnish roleplaying scene to a festive mood. Its time to don your ballgowns and tuxes and start planning the festivities.

Especially the finnish roleplaying scene has a plethora of things to celebrate. There's been accomplishments both national and international, from the Stalker RPG to the Nordic Larp Book. How and what subjects are celebrated in the lives of roleplayers? Is the key to a good party in a dashing theme hat, or a carefully chosen subject?

The festive atmosphere is also expressed and featured in the upcoming year in the outlook, lectures, workshops, boardgames, larps, figure-and tabletop games of Ropecon.

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