The Ropecon program is searching for creators

When contacting, take note to tell us the following:

  • Some information about yourself
  • A short summary of your program
  • The length of your program
  • # of participant slots
  • Possible timetable and equipment needs (wishes)
  • Your own contact info

Program hosting will net you a ticket to the con, either a day ticket worth 18€ or a weekend ticket worth 28€ depending on the amount of work and time spent. Working shifts in the con requires 8 hours for the weekend, 4 hours for a day-ticket, so the same amount is (summarily) required for program hosting. As a rule of thumb the main organizer for a program gets a weekend ticket with assisting crew getting day tickets, but programs and the worth of the reward tickets is usually set on a case-basis rather than as a general rule.

The preliminary sign up for a program may range from a general idea for a program to a complete summary with a synopsis. Please take care to provide us with an estimate for the # of participants and the approximate length of the program in minutes. We will get back to you with details later.


This year is especially hungry for live action roleplaying games with a festive theme. We emphasise on games pertaining to a festive atmosphere, the great and small joys of life and celebration in general over "generic party-larps", though games with less emphasis on festival themes are more than welcome into the array of games this year.

The general wishes for larps focus around a length of a few hours and light requirements for props and costume; a player should be able to participate in the gear they came to the Con in. We offer rooms of varying sizes and types, and the possibility to use the whole area of Dipoli is also an option.

Inquiries, signups and queries to Satu Lahti at larp@ropecon.fi


The Ropecon miniature figure program is searching for people interested in hosting demos, workshops, spoken program pertaining to miniatures and other miniature-based program. In addition, we are searching for new and eager people to work the miniature stand and painting workshops. The combined demo area for Card-, board- and miniature games is also looking for guides to help people get acquainted with the hobby. We aim to also provide opportunities for guided sessions of miniature gaming of varying sorts daily in the Con.

Got a good idea for a program? Let us know!

Signups and queries to Heini-Maria Partanen at figupelit@ropecon.fi

Card games

Ropecon is searching for people to host card game tournaments, varying demo sessions and people to host workshops, work the cardgame stand, receive signups, to oversee programs and work as troubleshooters. You need not be afraid of being thrown to the wolves though; we provide instructions at the workstations and the card game organizer will oversee the proceedings.

Card games are also searching for guides for the Demo area; every day we aim to provide guests with opportunities for guided introductions to card games. Games to be demoed range from small games like 51st State, LotR LCG and World of Warcraft, to large ones like Magic: the Gathering and VtES. Priority is given to people with mastery of multiple games and a drive to teach and gain new players for the hobby.

Signups and queries to the card game/tournament organizer, Ville Lovikka at korttipelit@ropecon.fi

Board games

Board games are searching for organisers, spoken program, hosts and people to explain rules to guests.

The host's work entails general overseeing and recommending and helping guests choose board games. Hosting is done in 2-hour shifts, usually ranging a total of 8 hours. Rule-explainers will also receive stylish vests for the duration of their shift, to mark them out of the mass of guests and gamers.

Help and guidance to working the board games can be gotten from the board game overseer and people who have worked the board game desk before.

Sign ups and queries to Jani Höglund at lautapelit@ropecon.fi

Demo area

The demo area aims to provide guests with introduction and guided tries of card-, board- and miniature games. We are searching for smaller indie games, but guides for more general "basic" games are welcome. If you have a burning desire to guide guests to the wonders of your favorite game, contact the responsible organizer of the area (board, card & miniature).

Lectures and general program

We are searching for high-quality program and interesting presentations, panels and workshops pertaining to the roleplaying scene.

This years' Ropecon is themed "Festivities", and we hope we would see the theme in the spoken and general program as well. Be it the 20th Ropecon, the ways festivities connect with different forms of gaming or just the ways how one makes their players enjoy themselves in games, they are all great ways to link your program to this years' theme. Programs that slide close to the theme or touch it lightly are also welcome.

  • Presentations, panels and conversation programs are sought after in themes relating to role-, board-, miniature- and card games, larps, historical re-enactment and topics relating to these phenomena or the realities of life. The point-of-view may be either from an organizers or a program-goers perspective.
  • Workshops, in which guests are guided to create and craft props or learn new useful things pertaining to the scene. The materials of workshops are paid by the Ropecon.
  • Other types of programs, eg. martial displays and other types of shows, including category-breaking program is also sought after for.
  • We are especially hungry for program that is aimed or suitable for beginners.
  • Have an idea for a program? Let us know!

About the program:

  • The slot for a general program is usually 45 or 105 minutes
  • Workshops are required to host two sessions of the workshop during the Ropecon.

Sign ups and extra info deadline is 5th of May, the sooner the better, to ohjelma@ropecon.fi

We regret to inform we may have to restrict the amount of program to be hosted. We take suitability to this year's theme into account when making the selection process.

Tabletop RPGs

The search for GMs for tabletop roleplaying begins in April. Queries to Patrik Renholm, roolipelit@ropecon.fi

Other workforce

We also need about 200 volunteers to do the practical organizing. We require eager and active workers to work the cloakroom, ticket sales, the Kaubamaja-store, the flea market and lodging. To work you must be of 15 years of age and work at least 8 hours during the Ropecon. In return we provide a weekend ticket to this year's Ropecon, 10+ hours also nets you a lunch allowance. The search for workers will start during April. More info at the Ropecon website during april. Queries to Eevi Korhonen at tyovoima@ropecon.fi

Info on the Kaubamaja selling area tables will arrive at week 12.

Don't hesitate to contact us with questions!
For general information about the event contact the PR team at tiedotus@ropecon.fi

Ropecon XX Call for Program in Finnish from HERE.