Ropecon 2011 29.-31.7. Dipoli, Espoo


Tickets are sold during the event at the doors of the Dipoli conference center. The ticket sale starts at 3 PM on Friday and is open until the end of convention. Note that you can only pay in cash.

Ticket prices

  • Weekend pass (FRI-SUN) 25 euros
  • One-day pass (FRI/SAT) 15 euros
  • One-day pass (SUN) 10 euros
  • Upgrade from one-day pass to weekend pass 10 euros

Ticket type

The ticket is a wristband, which will guarantee you free passage in and out of the convention venue even during nighttime. Removing the wristband renders it null and void.

Ticket includes

  • All event programme
  • Free accommodation (floor, bring your own mattress and sleeping bag) from FRI-SUN
  • Showers and sauna

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