Ropecon 2011 29.-31.7. Dipoli, Espoo

Ropecon programme

List of programme in English
Google map showing the locations

Tips for reading the program

  • Järjestäjä means Organizer
  • Ulkona means Outside
  • Maps covering the Dipoli conference hall will be published here

Introduction to Ropecon

on Friday 4.30 PM – 5.30 PM, in Sali 25

International in Ropecon? Language around you is totally jibberish? You feel lost and overwhelmed by all the Finnishness around you? No worries, it is not totally madness! Massi Hannula presents Ropecon in English. The presentation includes:

  • Short introduction to subject ”What is Ropecon?”
  • Overview of the English Program
  • What else can you do in English?
  • A visit to the opening Gala in English
  • And Guided tour of Ropecon and Dipoli

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