Themes and Programme in English

Themes: Horror and Ropecon 2020.

Horror is a theme easy to spot from competitions and program items as well as from the general feeling. We're not only exploring it as a genre, but also as other phenomena and creatures related to it. There are both larps and tabletop games from that genre as well as lectures and workshops.

Ropecon 2020 is not as visual a theme as horror. Ropecon 2020 is a development theme that gazes on the future. Program items associated with the theme are designed to provide glimpses on where Ropecon and the whole roleplaying field might be in 2020.


All lectures and panels held by the Guest of Honour will of course be in english. A couple of larps are either played in english or they have characters that can be played in english. Some table top roleplaying games are in english as well. You can participate on most card games and miniature tournaments without speaking finnish as well as play board games and participate in their tournaments.

A detailed programme in English will be published in June.