The Guests of Honor

Ropecon invites interesting game designers and other notable persons from the roleplaying industry. Year 2010 our Guest of Honors are game designer and writer Keith Baker (USA) and a Board Game designer and publisher Friedemann Friese (Germany).

Keith Baker

Keith Baker, 41, is an American freelance roleplaying game designer. He is best known for the pulpy Dungeons & Dragons setting Eberron, which won the Wizards of the Coast Setting Search contest in 2001 and the Origins Award two years later. In addition to numerous D&D sourcebooks and adventure modules, he has written material for Over the Edge and the kung-fu roleplaying game Feng Shui. As well as roleplaying games, Keith has also developed the storytelling card game Gloom, itself also an Origins winner. His sixth novel set in Eberron is coming out this autumn. Keith is also an avid traveller and meant to come to Ropecon last year on his own, yet real life intervened. In 2010, however, Keith will be joining us at Ropecon as a Guest of Honour.

Friedemann Friese

Friedemann Friese is 40 years old German board game designer. His trademarks are his green-colored hair and absurd, humour-themed games whose titles begin with the letter "F". The majority of his games, self-published by his company 2F-Spiele, also sport a green color scheme.The most popular of tose are Power Grid (Funkenschlag) and Fearsome Floors (Finstere Flure). When not designing games, he organizes gaming conventions and works as a DJ.