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Guests of Honor

This year Ropecon's Guests of Honor are roleplaying veteran Robin D. Laws, the interesting indie game designer Emily Care Boss, and miniature painting expert Jakob Rune Nielsen.

Laws is best known for the distinctive tabletop roleplaying games Over the Edge (1992), Feng Shui (1996), and Hero Wars (2000), as well as the guidebook Robin's Laws of Good Game Mastering (2002). Laws' latest game Esoterrorists was published last year.

Emily Care Boss debuted in 2005 with Breaking the Ice, a tabletop RPG focused on dating. Her second game, Shooting the Moon (2006), is set in the Golden Age of Piracy, and deals with jealousy and competing for the loved one's affections.

Female game designers are still a rarity in the roleplaying business, and Boss is only the second female Guest of Honor in Ropecon's 13 year history. The first was the Swedish Emma Wieslander three years ago.

Jakob Rune Nielsen is one of the most succesful miniature painters of all time. Twice he's one the Britsh Golden Daemon competition, and his unique style inspires many painters even in Finland.